Reactivation and Renewal

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1. Reactivating Quick Heal antivirus

Reactivation ensures that you can use the product for the entire period until your license expires. It comes handy if you must uninstall Quick Heal for some reason such as system format, or you wanted to use Quick Heal antivirus on another device.

Post successful registration on one device, you need to reactivate your product if you install it on a new device. The reactivation process is similar to the activation process, with the exception that you do not need to enter the complete personal details again.

It is advisable that while uninstalling Quick Heal you select the option “Remove Quick Heal and keep update definitions files”. This will help you retain product update definition files and process reactivation easily.

2. Renewing Quick Heal antivirus

We recommend renewing your license before it expires so that your device system remains protected uninterruptedly.

A Renewal screen is displayed in the Quick Heal application when your existing license has expired or is about to expire. You can choose to renew your existing product.

For renewal, you need the renewal code which is a 20-digit number. You can use the Renewal code if you have already purchased it. If you do not have renewal code then click Buy Now to purchase it online. You can also buy the renewal code online, through the application, from a dealer, or through the Quick Heal website.

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