Update Guidelines for Network Environment

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If you are using multiple computers with Quick Heal installed, you can configure a server to provide hassle free updates to all computers in your network. You are suggested to follow these guidelines for best results.

  1. Set up one computer (may be the server) as the master update machine. Suppose server name is SERVER.
  2. Make a folder named as QHUPD on a local drive in your computer. For example: C:QHUPD. Assign Read-only sharing right to this folder.
  3. Open Quick Heal Total Security.
  4. On the left pane, navigate to More > Settings > App Updates. Turn App Updates on.
    App Updates is activated.
  5. Select Copy downloaded update files to specific location .
  6. Browse the QHUPD folder and click OK.
  7. To save your settings, click Save .
  8. On all user computers within the network launch Quick Heal Total Security.
  9. Under Settings, go to the App Updates page.
  10. Select Pick update files from specified path and click Browse.
  11. Locate the SERVERQHUPD folder from Network Neighborhood. Alternatively, you can type the path as SERVERQHUPD.
  12. To save your settings, click Save .
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