Data Breach Alert

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Data breach means your personal data such as usernames, password, email address etc, getting leaked online.

Hackers hack into the organizations’ data system and disclose or steal personal information of the people who register or sign up with them.

For e.g. RazorPay website got hacked and millions of credit card details were leaked online.

Make sure you regularly check if your data is ever breached or leaked.

i. Configuring Data Breach Alert

To configure Data Breach Alert, follow these steps.

  1. Open Quick Heal Total Security.
  2. On the left pane, navigate to Privacy > Data Breach Alert.
  3. Enter an email address and then click the Check button.

    Ensure that you are using the email address that you frequently use to sign up with most of the organizations. You can search other email addresses also.
    The result on data breach appears with all the details. To search the data breaches, your device must be connected to the Internet. In some cases, it may take some time to fetch the result. If the system fails to fetch the information on several attempts, contact the technical support with Quick Heal.

ii. Learn how to secure your data

If your data is leaked, do not panic. Securing your personal information is in your own hands. Take the following steps to make your personal information more secure.

Step 1

Set a strong password for the affected websites or services. If the same password was used in other places, change it immediately. Never re-use old passwords.

Step 2

Enable 2-factor authentication if available on those websites or services.

Step 3

Change the password of the impacted email address on its website or app.

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