Cleaning Viruses

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Quick Heal Total Security warns you of a virus infection when:

  • A virus is encountered during a manual scan.
  • A virus is encountered by Quick Heal Virus Protection/Email Protection.

Cleaning viruses encountered during scanning

The default settings of Quick Heal Total Security are adequately configured and are optimum to protect your system. If a virus is detected during scanning, Quick Heal Total Security tries to repair the virus. If it fails in repairing the infected files, such files are quarantined. In case you have customized the default scanner settings, take an appropriate action when a virus is found.

Scanning Options

During scan, you can take any of the following actions as per requirement.

Buttons Description
Action Tab Displays the action taken on the files.
Skip Folder Helps you avoid scanning the current folder. Scanning moves to other location. This option is useful while scanning a folder that contains non-suspicious items.
Skip File Helps you avoid scanning the current file. This option is useful while scanning an archive of a large number of files.
Stop Helps you stop the scanning process.
Close Shut down PC when finished Helps you exit from the scanning process. Helps you shut down your system after finishing the scan. This feature will work only when the scan is complete.

Cleaning virus detected in memory

“Virus Active in memory” means that a virus is active, and is spreading to other files or computers (if connected to a network) and doing malicious activity.

Whenever a virus is detected during memory scan, a Boot Time Scan is automatically scheduled to run the next time you boot your system. Boot Time Scan will scan and clean all drives including NTFS partitions before the desktop is completely loaded. It will detect and clean even the most typical Rootkits, spywares, special purpose Trojans, and loggers.

Restart required during cleaning for some malwares

Some malwares drop and inject their dynamic link libraries in the running processes of the system such as explorer.exe, Iexplore.exe, svchost.exe, etc. which cannot be disabled or cleaned. During memory scan when they are detected, they will be set for deletion in the next boot automatically. Quick Heal antivirus memory scan will provide details or action recommendation for you in such cases.

Cleaning of Boot/Partition viruses

If Quick Heal Total Security memory scanner detects a boot or partition virus in your system, it will recommend you to boot your system using a clean bootable disk. It will scan and clean the virus using the Quick Heal Emergency disk.

Responding to virus found alerts from Virus Protection

Virus Protection of Quick Heal Total Security continuously scans your system for viruses in the background as you work. By default, Virus Protection repairs the infected files automatically. You will also get a prompt after the action is taken by Virus Protection.

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