Secure External Drive Data

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Secure External Drive data ensures no files or data can be copied to or from your system to any external drives or devices. Hence neither your information can be stolen nor can any harmful files be implanted in your system.

It ensures data security and also eliminates the possibility of transfer of any harmful files.

i. Configuring Secure External Drive data

To configure Secure External Drive data, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Total Security.
  2. On the left pane, navigate to Privacy > Secure External Drive data.
  3. Turn Secure External Drive data on.

    Secure External Drive data feature is activated.

  4. Select the policy for external users as required from the following options:
    • Read only: Allows transfer of data from the USB drives and CD/DVD devices to the system but not vice versa. By default, this option is selected.
    • Block complete access: Blocks transfer of data between the system and all external devices.
    • Ask for password when USB/mobile is connected.

      If this option is selected, and you connect a USB drive or a mobile device to your system, you are prompted for password to access them. Hence access is granted only to the authorized devices.

      This option will work only if Secure External Drive data and Password Protection are turned on.

    • Block only Mobile devices: Blocks complete access to mobile devices.
  5. To save your settings, click Save.
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