Setting up Quick Heal Antivirus

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i. Run a complete scan

It is recommended that you carry out a Full scan on first time installation. This will ensure that your device is not infected and make it fully clean and secure. Additionally, it also reduces the time taken to complete a Full Scan next time onwards.

ii. Enable advance security

Quick Heal enables all the most important security settings by default to protect your device. However, you may need to configure some features yourself as per your requirement, such as enabling Smart Parenting feature for your child.

iii. Signup on metaProtect

Quick Heal metaProtect is your digital super-power where you can manage device security for yourself and your family members remotely. It is super friendly and fun to use. Make sure you enjoy managing digital safety of all your devices with it.

  • On the left hand vertical tab, Go to metaProtect and Click SignUp.

You can also check Quick Heal metaProtect here:

For more details about how to configure Quick Heal metaProtect, see metaProtect

iv. Activate Anti-Tracker

Anti-Tracker blocks websites from tracking you online, and show personalized advertisement. Activate Anti-Tracker to block website trackers from following you.

To block trackers, you must do the following things.

  1. Activate the Web Extension for your browsers by visiting

  2. Configure Anti-Tracker in the Quick Heal antivirus product. For more details about how to configure Anti-Tracker, see Anti-Tracker
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