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This is the default screen that appears when you log on to metaProtect. The dashboard displays the overall device health and the features that you can use to manage your devices remotely.

A banner on the top of dashboard displays real time important information about the product such as expiry status of licenses.

Device Health

This section includes Security and Privacy scores, recommendations, and related details.

Security score: It indicates the level of protection your device has against viruses, malware, and other malicious programs.

It offers personalized recommendations that you need to act on to protect your device. To achieve a high security score, enable maximum recommendations that are offered.

Privacy Score: It indicates how safe is your data and digital identity on your device.

It also offers easy to understand recommendations that you need to follow to achieve a high privacy score.

To view recommendation details for the devices, follow these steps:

  1. In the left pane, click Dashboard.
  2. On the Device Health screen, click View Details.
  3. You can view the recommendations for another device by selecting the device from the device drop-down on the upper right corner.

To sync the score of devices with metaProtect, click Sync score.

Advanced features available for your device

This section offers a range of security features that enables you to manage your device remotely.

To use these features, follow these steps:

  1. On the Dashboard, select the device from the device drop-down on the upper right corner.
  2. Navigate to the Advanced features section.
    The available features are displayed, on a horizontal moving banner that moves to the left.
  3. Navigate to the feature that you want to use by clicking the corresponding feature icon on the moving banner.
  4. The feature page is displayed with the available options for that feature.
  5. Click the corresponding action buttons for that feature.


The following table describes the features and the available options.

Feature Description
Locate Track the location for the selected device with location age, date, time, and real-time location on the world map. Follow below steps to get device location:
• Enable location tracking for the device using Locate Device toggle button on upper right corner.
• Refresh the page with latest location.
• Select the duration from the drop-down list, for which you want to view the location history.
• Click Delete All to delete the location history.
Lock Enables you to lock your device if stolen or lost. You can lock or unlock your device remotely by clicking the corresponding Lock or Unlock button.
Note: Feature available only if Anti-Theft has been enabled on the device previously.
Wipe Enables you to wipe the data on your device if lost or stolen by clicking Wipe All Data. Note: Feature available only if Anti-Theft has been enabled on the device previously.
Anti-Theft Enables you to capture photos, surrounding audio and video, and dial calls from your lost or stolen device. The following options are available in Total Security only:
• Take Picture: Click Take Picture to capture the image of an unauthorized person who tries to access your device when lost or stolen.
• Record Audio: Click Record Audio to record the audio from the device to know about its surroundings when lost or stolen.
• Record Video: Click Record Video to record the video from the device to know about its surroundings when lost or stolen.
• Auto Dial: Click Auto Dial to dial a call from the lost or stolen mobile to the mentioned mobile number. This is applicable only for Android versions 9.0 and lower.
Note: Features available only if Anti-Theft has been enabled previously.
Update VDB Click Update to update the virus database on your device to the latest database available on Quick Heal Cloud.
Scan Device Click Start Scan to scan the device storage folders for viruses.
Sync Score Click Sync Now Score to sync the latest score from device to cloud. Refresh the page to view the latest scores.
Sync Click Sync Now to sync device information.
Ring Device Click Ring Device to ring a bell on the device. This can help you locate the device if nearby.

Dynamic Content

Announcements related to the new product release and related features, articles and blogs related to latest happenings in the cyber world, and Quick Heal products with price and buying options appear dynamically. Additionally, offers and surveys are displayed.

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