Data Breach Alert

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Data breach means unethical access to the data of individuals and organizations that are supposed to be secured from cyber criminals. Using the Data Breach Alert feature, you can check whether your data is ever breached or leaked online.

To configure Data Breach Alert, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal app.

  2. On the Dashboard, navigate to Privacy Protection > Data Breach Alert.

  3. By default, the email address that is already configured on your device is selected. If you want to check for data breaches against a specific address, then select the radio button corresponding to that email address and tap the 'Check for Data Breaches' button.

  4. If you want to check for data breaches with another email, then select 'Enter email id' and enter the email address.

  5. Tap Check for Data Breaches. The feature checks if your email address has ever been leaked online and notifies you if a breach is found.

    • If breaches are found against the searched email address, then the 'Data Breach Found' screen will display the number of breaches.
    • If no breaches are found against the searched email address, then the 'Data Breach Not Found' screen will be displayed.

    Note: Sometimes, it may take time to fetch the report on data breach depending on the volume of data.

    Finally, recommendations are mentioned om how to secure your data in case of data breach.

  6. You can use the option Stop Monitoring to stop monitoring for data breaches.

Learn how to secure your data

If your data is leaked, do not panic. Securing your personal information is in your own hands. Take the following steps to make your personal information more secure.

    Step 1

    Set a strong password with the affected websites or services. If the same password was used in other places, change it immediately. Never re-use old passwords.

    Step 2

    Enable 2-factor authentication if available on those websites or services.

    Step 3

    Change the password of the affected email address on its website or app.

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