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  1. What is Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro?
    Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro is Android based antivirus software aimed to protect your mobile devices from any threats such as malware, viruses, spyware etc.
  1. What types of malicious programs can affect mobile devices?
    There are primarily two types of malicious programs that affect mobile devices: worms and Trojans.

  1. What is a worm?
    A worm is a type of malware that can self-replicate and spread across devices without user interaction. It can be transmitted through various means including SMS or MMS.
  1. How does a worm affect a mobile device?
    Once a worm infects a device, it can spread to other devices on the same network or through other means, potentially causing widespread damage or stealing sensitive information.
  1. What is a Trojan?
    A Trojan is a type of malware that disguises itself as a legitimate file or application. However, it contains malicious code that can harm your device or steal your data.
  1. How does a Trojan infect a mobile device?
    Trojans often trick users into downloading or installing them by appearing to be harmless or useful applications. Once installed, they can perform various malicious actions without the user’s knowledge or consent.
  1. How can I protect my mobile device from these malicious programs?
    To protect your device, ensure you keep Quick Heal mobile antivirus software installed, keep your device’s operating system and applications updated, avoid downloading apps from untrusted sources, and be cautious when clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources.

  2. What are the system requirements for a mobile phone to use Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro?
    To use Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro, your mobile phone should have Android version 6.0 or later.


  1. How to install and activate Quick Heal app?
    To download and install Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Google Play store.
    2. Search for the Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro app.
    3. Download and install the app.

The Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro app is added to the Apps list on your device.

To register MobiSMART pro, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro app.
  2. Enter and verify your details by OTP.
  3. Grant access to relevant permissions to activate all security features of Quick Heal
    • Accessibility Permission- must need
    • Contacts- must need
    • Storage- must need
  4. Connect your google account to link with Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro app.
  5. Choose your subscription plan VIA PLAY STORE purchase.
  6. USE PRODUCT KEY, if you already have purchased it from retailer.
  7. Finally, submit your account details that completes the registration process.
  1. I have installed Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro on my mobile. How can I prevent unauthorized removal of the app?
    To ensure that Quick Heal MobiSmart pro remains installed and protected, follow these steps:

    • Open the Quick Heal app and navigate to the menu.
    • Go to Settings then select General.
    • Look for option labelled “Block Uninstallation” and toggle it on. Enabling this feature prevents unauthorized users from uninstalling the app without your permission.
  1. Why is it recommended to enable the “Block Uninstallation” feature?
    Enabling this option adds an extra layer of security to your device. If your device is lost or stolen, preventing unauthorized removal ensures that Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro remains active, helping to protect your data and device integrity.

  2. How do I access these settings if I am using Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro?
    Simply open the Quick Heal app on your mobile device, then navigate to the Settings menu. From there, you can access the General settings and enable the “Block Uninstallation” feature to safeguard the app from unauthorized removal.

5. How can I remove an application containing malicious content from my device?
To eliminate a malicious app from your device, follow these steps:

  • Run Quick Scan or Deep Scan using Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro on your mobile device.
  • You can also schedule a virus scan at a time that suits you best.
  • Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro scans all installed apps for potential virus infections.

If any threats are detected, you will be prompted to take an appropriate action, such as skipping or uninstalling the malicious app.

  1. Why should I use Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro to remove malicious apps?
    Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro provides efficient scanning capabilities tailored to identify and eliminate threats from your device. By running scans regularly, you can safeguard your device from malicious content and maintain its security.

  2. How can I uninstall Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro from my device?
    While uninstalling Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro can leave your device vulnerable to virus threats, if you still wish to proceed, follow these steps:

    • Open Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro.
    • Tap the Hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) > About > Uninstall.

  1. Why is it important to consider the consequences before uninstalling QUick Heal MobiSMART Pro?
    Uninstalling Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro removes an essential layer of protection from your device, potentially exposing it to various security risks and threats. It is crucial to weigh the risks against the benefits before proceeding with the uninstallation.

License activation and registration

  1. Where do I find my license details?
    You can find the license details in the License details screen of your Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro. To get the license details, follow these steps:

    • Open Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro.
    • Tap the app menu and then tap License Details.
  1. When should I renew my license copy?
    It is recommended to renew your license copy either after its validity expires or at least 1 month before expiry. This ensures uninterrupted protection for your device and data.

Using Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro

  1. How do I manually scan my mobile for a virus?
    To perform a manual virus scan on your mobile device, follow these steps:

    1. Open Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro.

    2. Navigate to the Dashboard, and tap Features, then select Device Protection.

    3. Choose either Quick Scan or Deep Scan based on your requirements.

  2. Why is it important to perform manual virus scans?
    Manual virus scans help ensure that your mobile device is free from any potential threats or malware that may have evaded automatic scans. Regular scanning is a proactive measure to maintain the security of your device and data.

  3. What is Quick Scan?

    Quick Scan swiftly examines all the installed apps on your device for any potential threats.

    To perform a Quick scan, follow these steps:

    1. Open Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro.

    2. On the Dashboard, tap Features > Device Protection > Quick Scan.

    3. Tap Scan.

  4. What is Deep scan?
    Deep scan conducts a comprehensive examination of your device including all apps, memory, files, and memory card to detect any threats.

    To initiate a Deep scan:

    1. Open Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro.
    1. On Dashboard, tap Features > Device Protection > Deep Scan.
    1. Tap Scan.


  5. What is security vulnerability?

    A security vulnerability, also referred to as a security hole, is a flaw in an application or software that could potentially be exploited by hackers or malware, compromising the security of the system.


  6. Some apps on my mobile device collect private information even without notifying me. Is there any feature to detect such apps?

    Yes, the Privacy Advisor feature enables you to identify such apps. It allows you to review and modify the permissions granted to all apps on your device and empowering you to uninstall any apps that may pose privacy risks. For more information, refer to the Privacy Advisor section in the app.

  7. What does Play Store App Advisor before download do?

    The Play Store App Advisor before download scans apps available on the Google Play Store for potential threats before they are downloaded onto your device. It alerts you if an app is deemed insecure or if there are any associated risks with installing it.

  8. Do we need to give permission to access the Play Store App Advisor before downloading apps?

    Yes, for devices running Android OS 6.0 and later versions, the Play Store App Advisor requires accessibility permissions to conduct scans before app downloads, ensuring enhanced security measures.

  9. What does the Wi-Fi Security feature do?

    The Wi-Fi Security feature safeguards your device by assessing the safety of every Wi-Fi network it connects to. It helps protect your sensitive data, such as passwords, bank account information and emails, from potential theft or interception when connecting to unsecured networks.

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