YouTube Supervision

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You can control the usage of Youtube on your device such as blocking a channel, video. Simply configure restrictions based on your requirement from Youtube Settings.

For e.g. Block YouTube shorts from being played out on the device by enabling the block option for YouTube Shorts.

i. Enabling YouTube Supervision

To configure YouTube supervision for the first time, follow these steps:

  • Open Quick Heal app.

  • On the Dashboard, navigate to Internet & app security > YouTube Supervision.

  • Tap the toggle button YouTube Supervision to enable the feature. You need to grant certain permissions on the device to YouTube Supervision. Tap Grant Access.

  • After you enable YouTube Supervision, you can view the following options:

    • Restricted

      • Blocked Channels and Videos: Use this option to block access to the websites based on channel names.

        • To add a Channel Name to block list, enter the channel name and tap Add. The channel is added to the block list.
        • Remove a Channel from the block list. Enter the channel name and tap the block icon. The channel is removed from the block list.
    • Block by Categories: Use this option to block access to certain video content on Youtube by categories such as Adult, Entertainment, and others as required. The following options are available:

      • Block All: Select Block All to select all categories to be blocked.
      • Block a category: Tap and select any category as required. A block icon is displayed for that category.
      • Remove a blocked category: Tap an already blocked category in the list. The block icon is removed for that category.
    • Block by Keywords: Use this option to block content based on keywords. For example, Hate, Crime and other as required.

      • Add a keyword and tap Add. The keyword is added to the list.
      • Remove keyword from list. Tap the cross icon for an already added icon, the keyword is removed from the list.
    • Block by Search History: Use this option to block access to content based on the YouTube Search History. You can use this option when you want to block the content that has already been watched on YouTube earlier and you do not want your mobile device user to watch the content again.

  • Allowed

    • Allowed Channels & Videos: Use this option to allow access to certain websites, even from the blocked category.

      • Add the name of the channel and tap Add. The channel is added to the list.
      • Remove the channel from the Allowed list. Tap the channel already in the list and it is removed from the Allowed list.

ii. Viewing Report on metaProtect

You can view YouTube Supervision reports on the metaProtect website by tapping icon on the lower panel of the screen.

Note: If you want to view the report on metaProtect website, you must register your account with it.

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