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Anti-Theft helps you with several security options to secure your device data. With Anti-Theft, you can do the following:

  • Send a ring command to your device
  • Track the device location
  • Wipe data from your device
  • Secretly capture photos, audio and video of the surroundings of device which may help you track the device.

To enable the Anti-Theft option, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal app.
  2. On the Dashboard, navigate to Data Protection > Anti-Theft.
  3. Enter the PIN. Tap Anti-Theft toggle button to activate the feature.

    You need to grant certain permissions on the device for Anti-Theft. Tap Grant Access.

Configure Anti-Theft Settings

    i. Block on Airplane Mode

    This feature blocks your device when a thief or intruder turns on Airplane or flight mode of the device to stop it from being tracked. This ensures your data is secure on your device as the device is blocked from being misuse. The device can then be unblocked only from your metaProtect website account.

    To configure Block on Airplane Mode for the device, follow these steps:

    1. Open Quick Heal app.
    2. On the Dashboard, navigate to Data Protection > Anti-Theft, and tap the Settings icon on the upper right corner.
    3. Ensure that Anti-Theft feature is enabled.
    4. In the Anti-Theft settings screen, select the Block on Airplane Mode check box.

    ii. Emergency Contact Details

    If the device is lost or stolen, and subsequently blocked with Anti-Theft settings, you can display 2 contact numbers on the blocked device to help the finder contact you.

    Enter any two mobile numbers that will be visible on your blocked device. Anyone who may find your device can contact you via these contact details.

    Adding Emergency Contact Details
    1. Open Quick Heal app.

    2. On the Dashboard, navigate to Data Protection > Anti-Theft.

    3. Tap the Settings icon on upper right corner.

      Ensure that Anti-Theft is enabled on the device.

    4. Tap Emergency Contact Details.

    5. On Emergency Contact Details screen, tap Add a Contact.

    6. Select the contact as required from the Contacts list. The number is added to the Emergency Contact list.

    7. To remove the alternate contacts, in the Emergency Contact Details screen, tap the (X) cross mark available in front of the contact.

    iii. Log on to metaProtect

    To manage your device remotely in case the device gets lost or is stolen, you have to create an account or use an existing account with metaProtect portal. Additionally, metaProtect account is beneficial to use several other features of Quick Heal MobiSMART Pro remotely. For more information, click here.

    iv. Unblock device

    This option helps you to unblock your device if locked with Anti-Theft feature or if you forget your PIN. You can unlock your device through Google Authentication or through metaProtect website if you forget your PIN.

    To unblock your device, follow these steps:

    1. On the block screen, tap Unlock Phone. The Enter PIN screen is displayed. Enter the PIN to unlock your phone.

    2. In case you forgot the PIN, tap Forgot PIN?. The Forgot PIN screen is displayed with two options to unblock your phone.

      • Google Authentication: Use this option to validate your Gmail account. Enter your google account and tap Login. The Google Authentication screen is displayed. Follow the steps displayed on screen to authenticate your account.
      • Cloud Login to reset PIN: Use this option to reset PIN through the metaProtect website.

        Tap Go to metaProtect website to reset PIN. Enter your metaProtect Mobile number/Email and password to logon to metaProtect website.
        Navigate to Settings > Device PIN section and set a new PIN for the device. Click Publish Now to reflect the changes on device.

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