Updating Quick Heal online

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The default setting of Quick Heal anivirus is configured to take the updates automatically from the Internet, without the intervention of the user. However, your system must be connected to the Internet to get the updates regularly.

  • The updates may include enhancements and new virus database signatures against new malwares and viruses.
  • The updates may upgrade your current version of Quick Heal to the new version.
    You can update Quick Heal antivirus online and offline as per your preference.

Although, the default setting of Quick Heal antivirus is configured to take the updates automatically from the Internet. With Update Now, you can update Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro manually whenever you prefer.
To update Quick Heal antivirus online, follow these steps.

  1. Right-click the Quick Heal antivirus icon on the system tray and select Update Now.
    Alternatively, open Quick Heal antivirus. On the left pane, click Status and click Update Now.
    Quick Update starts updating.
  2. On completion of updating, click Finish.
    Note: Quick Update connects to the Quick Heal website, downloads the appropriate updates, and applies the updates.
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