How to earn points?

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To earn more points to get Pro features. This option provides two ways to earn points such as Share and Quick Action.

To earn points via Quick Action option, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. Tap the Reward points icon on the top right of Dashboard. The Points Earned screen is displayed.
  3. Go to the How to earn points section and tap the Quick Action The Quick Action screen is displayed. Two options such as News and Scan & Earn.
  4. Tap the required option and earn points.
  • Points will be added to your account only if the ad is displayed when you perform the action. To view ads, enable the Show ads option in Settings. To enable show ads, go to Quick Heal Mobile Security > main menu > Settings > Show Ads.
  • The Show Ads option is visible only when you purchase premium through reward points.


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