How to avoid locking of any app or unlock the locked app?

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When user access any locked app then upon launch, app lock screen is shown to the user and selected AppLock option is visible. In case of PIN, numeric screen is displayed and in case of pattern, the pattern screen is displayed.

If Fingerprint is already set, then the user can unlock the app using fingerprint sensor.

To unlock the locked app:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile security.
  2. On Dashboard, tap AppLock.
  3. To unlock the locked app, in the AppLock screen, tap the active/highlighted lock icon available in front of that app.


If the app is locked and to avoid locking the app in the future:

  1. From device settings, go to the locked app and tap it. The locked app is protected with the pink screen.
  2. To avoid locking of such app, tap the menu and then select Don’t lock this app. The app gets unlocked..

Below menu options are available on screen of the app that is locked:

  • Don’t Lock this App: This option will remove the app from AppLock upon entering correct PIN.
  • Switch to PIN: This option will change the pattern screen to numeric screen.
  • Forgot PIN?: Will help to reset the PIN.
  • Lock Option: This option will take user to AppLock setting screen where user can choose lock options.


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