How to unblock the blocked screen of your device?

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In case you forgot the PIN, Quick Heal provides three options to unblock your phone; Get Temporary PIN, Gmail Authentication, and Remote Device Management.

  1. On the block screen, tap Unblock Screen. The Enter PIN screen is displayed.
  2. In case you forgot the PIN, tap Forgot PIN? The Forgot PIN screen is displayed with three options to unblock your phone. Use either options:
  3. Tap Get Temporary PIN. In Get Temporary PIN screen is displayed. Tap Send. A temporary PIN is sent to the alternate contact numbers that you have added to the customized block screen while configuring Anti-Theft. Please be notified that carrier charges may apply to send a message.
  4. Tap Google Authentication. The Google Authentication screen is displayed. In case of no Internet connectivity, the Configure Internet screen is displayed.
  • On the Configure Internet screen, turn ON mobile date or turn ON Wi-Fi. To configure the Wi-Fi settings, tap the Wi-Fi option. Enter Network SSID, select Security and then tap Connect. The Security options include Open, WEP, and WPA_WPA2_PSK. If you select WEP, and WPA_WPA2_PSK security options, then you must enter the password to connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • After the Internet is connected, check your email address, enter the password of your Gmail account and then tap Login.
  • Tap Remote Device Management. Log on to the RDM portal using the URL provided on the screen. If the Internet is not available, you must configure Internet to access the RDM portal.
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