How can I buy more space on Cloud?

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To purchase more storage capacity on Quick Heal Cloud. You can buy from the three storage options available: 2 GB, 5 GB, and 10 GB. You can buy as per your requirement. The purchased capacity will be added to the storage immediately after the completion of the purchase. This storage capacity is valid till the expiry of the product license.

To buy more space on Quick Heal Cloud:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile
  2. On Dashboard, tap Data Protection.
  3. Tap Backup data to cloud.

If there is no space to store the backed-up data, the Buy Space option is displayed.

  1. Tap Buy Space if you want to buy more space on cloud. The Buy more space on Cloud screen is displayed. The storage options available and the cost of space are displayed.
  2. Select the storage options as required, and then tap Submit. Enter your details and complete the transaction. You can buy storage capacity using various banking methods. Space will be added to the storage.
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