How to configure SIM card settings?

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  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. Access Anti-Theft via either options:
  • On Dashboard menu, tap Anti-Theft.
  • Tap main menu > Settings > Anti-Theft.
  1. Ensure if Anti-Theft is enabled. If it is not enabled, tap Anti-Theft.
  2. In Anti-Theft screen, tap SIM Card Settings and configure the following options:
  • Block on SIM Change: Enable this option if you want your device to be blocked as soon as untrusted SIM is changed.
  • Notify on SIM Change: Enable this option if you want to send a notification on SIM change to the alternate contact numbers added to your block screen.
  • Trusted SIM Cards: You can create a list of trusted SIM cards. Your device will not be blocked when you change a SIM card.

To add SIMs to the Trusted SIMs list, restart the phone with a new SIM and add the SIM to the Trusted SIMs list when prompted.

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