How to register QHMS app?

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  1. On your device, go to the Apps list and tap the Quick Heal Mobile Security icon.
  2. In the license agreement screen, by default, the Receive alerts & collect app statistics check box selected. Select the Agree to Privacy Policy check box to protect your personal information from being misused.
  3. Tap I Agree. The QHMS app is activated.
  4. Note: To activate the product on the devices with Android OS 6.0 and later versions, you must grant the required phone permissions. Tap Grant Access to proceed further.
  5. Grant permissions to activate QHMS by tapping Grant Permission and then Allow.
  6. On-board screen is displayed.
  7. When using either options for scan, QHMS app displays a message to activate the device administrator. This helps to avoid any unauthorized user from uninstalling QHMS applications.
  8. On Uninstallation Protection screen, tap OK and then tap Activate.
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