Post-registration of Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro Advanced

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Run a complete scan

It is recommended that you carry out a complete scan on first time installation. This will ensure that your computer is fully clean and secure and also minimize the scanning process for new malware and virus.

Optimum security

Most of the required security settings are turned on by default. However, you may need to configure some settings for the desired result such as Parental Control. It is advisable that you explore this product to take maximum advantage.

Create an account with RDM

Create an account with Quick Heal Remote Device Management or Quick Heal RDM and add your devices.
Quick Heal RDM is an online-based tool that will allow you to manage your computer and other devices remotely. Check Quick Heal RDM at
For more details about how to configure Quick Heal RDM, see Remotely Manage Quick Heal.

Enable Web Extension to Activate Anti-Tracker

Anti-Tracker protects your privacy by blocking trackers that collect footprints whenever you browse online.
To block trackers, you must do the following things.

  1. Activate the Web Extension for your browsers by visiting
  2. Configure Anti-Tracker in the Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro Advanced product. For more details about how to configure Ant-Tracker, see Anti-Tracker.
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