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You can view the various activities carried out on the metaProtect portal by the admin and the added users. The following details are available under Activity logs:

  • User: Displays the name of the user.
  • Device: Displays the name of the device.
  • Action: Displays the action carried out by the user.
  • Description: Displays the information about the action.
  • Date and Time: Displays the date and time when the action was carried out.
  • Status: Displays the status of the action, whether success, failed.

Filter Options

  • To filter results by Status, Action, and Date & Time, click the Filter icon on the upper right corner. Select the options as required and click Apply.
  • You can filter results by users and devices by selecting the required options and combinations from the drop-down list of All Users and All Devices.
  • You can sort the data in ascending or descending order by clicking the corresponding column names.
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