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Anti-Tracker protects privacy by blocking trackers that collect your footprints whenever you browse online.
There are trackers that collect data when you go online. Such data is used to understand the users’ browsing preferences and behavior to promote marketing or sales, display ads, share or sell personal information to companies.
To block trackers, you must do the following things.

  • Activate the Web Extension for your browsers by visiting
  • Configure Anti-Tracker in Quick Heal Total Shield.

Configuring Anti-Tracker

  1. Open Quick Heal Total Shield.
  2. On the left pane, click Privacy and then click Anti-Tracker.
    A summary of all trackers blocked is displayed. You can configure any of the following features: Manage Extensions, Manage Exclusion, Clear Browser Cache, and Anti-Tracker Setting.

Manage Extensions

  1. On the Anti-Tracker screen, click Manage Extensions.
    A list of browsers appears.
  2. Enable extensions to block trackers for the listed browsers. To save your settings, click Close.

Manage Exclusion

  1. On the Anti-Tracker screen, click Manage Exclusion.
  2. Enter the websites on which you need trackers not to be blocked by Anti-Tracker and then click Add.
    Ensure that you enlist those websites that you trust. You may remove any website, if you prefer.
  3. Click Save.

Clear Browser Cache

  1. On the Anti-Tracker screen, click Clear Browser Cache.
    The Clear Browser Cache dialog appears.
    You can clear cache of a website manually and as you prefer.
  2. To clear cache instantly, select a browser and click Clear Cache.
    You can set a schedule to clear cache automatically also.
  3. Click the Setting icon for any of the listed browsers.
  4. Set a schedule and click Save.
    Cache of the browser will be removed automatically. This helps you run the browser faster.
  5. To close the Clear Browser Cache dialog, click Close.

Anti-Tracker Setting

  1. On Anti-Tracker screen, click Anti-Tracker Setting.
    A list of tracker categories appears.
  2. Select any of the trackers as per your preference. To save your settings, click Save.
    Be sure why you allow or block any trackers.

Note: Anti-Tracker is supported on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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