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This feature provides the status of your system about certain tuneup activities of PCTuner with the help of a status meter. The tune-up activities include the following features:

  • Disk Cleanup
  • Registry Cleanup
  • Traces Cleanup
  • Defragmenter

The pointer of status meter points to the dark green region only if you perform all the tune-up activities periodically. The Status feature also provides the status of tune-up activities in the following format.

Status Description
Tune-up Activity The name of the Tuneup activity (Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup, Traces Cleanup, and Defragmenter).
Last Performed The last execution date of each of the Tuneup activities. If the concerned Tuneup activity has never been executed, then the result will be NEVER. The third column includes a symbol against each Tuneup activity. If the symbol is then it means that the corresponding tuneup activity has never been performed, or it means that the corresponding tuneup activity has not been performed in the past 15 days. If the symbol in the third column is , it means that the corresponding activity has been performed in the past 15 days.
Tuneup Now button Select Advanced mode if you want to customize the scanning behavior. This is ideal for experienced users only. If you select this option, the Configure button is activated.

Note: When you schedule Defragmenter, the message Defragmenter has been set to run on next boot is displayed.

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