Startup Booster

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This tool removes unwanted startup programs from the system. It removes all the unnecessary applications from the Registry Run and Startup, and enhances the startup speed of the system.

Using Startup Booster

To use Startup Booster, follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools > Startup Booster.
  2. Click Start Search.

​ The applications that automatically load themselves during startup are displayed in a list. Each application is preceded by a check box. No applications are selected by default.

  1. Select the applications that need to be removed from loading every time your system starts.
  2. Click Remove to remove the application from the list or else click Close to exit.

Service Optimizer

Your computer may have many unwanted services that run at startup, consuming CPU and memory that can potentially slow down your system performance. Service Optimizer analyzes your system and suggests services that can be safely disabled to run at startup based on your answers to the related services.

The following are the services available for Service Optimizer in Quick Heal PCTuner.

  • Network related Services
  • System related Services
  • Performance related Services
  • Security related Services

Using Service Optimizer

To use Service Optimizer, follow these steps:

  1. Select Tools > Service Optimizer.

​ The services are categorized in four sections represented by four Tabs: Network, System, Performance, and Security.

  1. Select the service and select the relevant answer to the questions in each section.

​ Every time you open Service Optimizer, the Apply button appears dimmed. On changing any of the answers, like if you select either YES or NO, the Apply button is activated.

  1. Click the Apply button to optimize the service or else click Close to exit without saving.
  2. You get a Service Optimization Summary if you have optimized any service. Click View Report to view the detailed report or else click Close to exit.


  • If the answers related to the services do not require any change, a message appears.
  • If you click the Default button, all the optimized services are reverted to their original status.
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