Quick Update

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Downloading latest definition files

It is recommended that you keep Quick Heal Internet Security up-to-date for protection against new viruses. Quick Update helps you to update Quick Heal Internet Security from Internet or through local drive on your computer. If your computer is not connected with Internet directly, you can connect to the Internet through proxy, with Quick Update.

Quick Update can automatically detect the type of Internet connection. In case of Internet connection via proxy with SOCKS 5, you need to configure the proxy settings.

To proceed with Quick Update, follow instructions as displayed on the Quick Update wizard.

Quick Update

Quick Update allows you to select the mode how you want to take the updates. You can update the definition file from local path/folder/CD drive or from Internet.

To update the definition file from Internet;

  1. Select Download from Quick Heal Internet Centre.
  2. Click Next.

To update the definition file from local folder/path/CD;

  1. Select Pick from specified location.
  2. Click on File and locate the Index.Bin or Index.dat file.
  3. Click Next.

Locate definition file

Quick Update downloads the latest definition file from Quick Heal Internet Centre.

To download the definition file, follow these steps.

  1. Connect to the Internet.
  2. Connect to Quick Heal Internet Centre.
  3. Check if the latest definition files are available.
  4. Download the definition files.


If Quick Update fails to connect with the Internet or cannot locate the definition files, it displays an error message.

  • For Internet connection, ensure that your Internet connection works seamlessly.
  • For locating the definition files, ensure that you have provided the correct path to the drive on your computer.
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