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This feature allows you to import and export the settings of Quick Heal Total Security features. If you need re-installation or have multiple computers and want the same settings, you can simply export the settings configured on your current computer and easily import them on the computers. Both the default settings and the settings made by you can be exported.

Importing and Exporting the Quick Heal Total Security Settings

To import or export the Quick Heal Total Security settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Total Security.
  2. On the left pane, click Settings and then click the Import or Export tab.
    • Import: Helps you import the settings from a .dat file.
      While you import the settings, a caution This will overwrite all settings that you have configured. appears. To confirm importing, click Yes.
    • Export: Helps you export the current settings to a .dat file.
  3. Upon successful export or import, a message appears. Click OK to close the Import or Export dialogue.


  • The settings can be imported from the same product flavor and the same version only. For example, the settings of Quick Heal Total Security version 23.00 can be imported to Quick Heal Total Security version 23.00 only.
  • The settings of Scheduled Scans and Password Protection cannot be exported or imported
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