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You can open Quick Heal Total Security in any one of the following ways.

  • On the taskbar, double-click the Quick Heal Total Security icon or right-click the Quick Heal Total Security icon and select Open Quick Heal Total Security.
  • Select Start > Programs > Quick Heal Total Security > Quick Heal Total Security.
  • Select Start > Run, type the word scanner and press ENTER.

    When you open Quick Heal Total Security, Status section appears. Status includes the following topics.

Menu/Section Description
Status Status is the baseboard where you can see the current status whether any virus threat has been detected and how many threats or trackers have been blocked.
Green Status: Shows the protection status of your computer system. If your computer is secure, status is displayed in green. Orange Status: If your computer needs your attention at your earliest convenience but not immediately, it is displayed in orange.
Red Status: If your computer is not configured with optimal settings and your immediate attention is needed, it is displayed in red. The action corresponding to the message needs to be carried out immediately to keep your computer protected.
License validity Displays days until the license is valid. To know more details about the license, you can click the License link.
Threats Detected Displays the threats detected till date.
Total Trackers Blocked Displays the trackers blocked till date.
Security Updates Displays the latest updates about security from Quick Heal. You can see all the news by clicking See All.
PCTuner Helps you improve the performance of your computer by cleaning unwanted registry entries that clutter hard disk space of your computer.
Scan Options Provides you with various scan options such as Full System Scan, Custom Scan, Memory Scan, and so on.
My Account With this link, you can go to the web portal of Quick Heal Remote Device Management (Quick Heal RDM). You can add your product to Quick Heal RDM to monitor the product remotely through the portal.
Feedback You can share feedback about your experience of using our product.
Virtual Keyboard Virtual Keyboard helps you enter the required information without pressing any keys on the physical keyboard. It reduces the risk of getting your information recorded by a possible keystroke logger malware.
Support Support option displays all the support sources that Quick Heal provides.
Facebook Like The Facebook Like link redirects you to the Quick Heal page on Facebook. You can follow us to read posts on cyber security and virus threats and alerts by clicking the Like link.
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