Hijack Restore

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If you have modified the default settings of Internet Explorer or if the settings have been modified by malwares, spywares, and sometimes genuine applications, you can restore the default settings. This feature helps you restore the settings of Internet Explorer browser, and also of critical operating system settings such as Registry Editor and Task Manager.

Using Hijack Restore

To use Hijack Restore, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Internet Security.
  2. On the left pane, click Performance and then click Hijack Restore.
  3. On the Hijack Restore screen, select Check All to select all the browser settings in the list.
  4. Select Restore default host file to restore the default host file.
  5. Select Restore important system settings to restore important system settings.
  6. To initiate restoring your settings, click Restore Now.

Restore Default Host File

The default host file includes the following options.

Fields Description
IP Address Enter the IP Address of the host.
Host Name Enter the host name.
Add Click Add to add the host details in the list.
Edit Select the host in the list and click Edit to make the changes.
Delete Select the host in the list and click Delete to remove the host.
OK Click OK to save your setting for the host files and exit from the Host Specification window.
Close Click Close to exit without saving your settings from the Host Specification window.

Restore important system settings

The restore important system settings option includes the following options.

Options Description
Check All Helps you restore all the system settings in the list.
OK Helps you save all the modified settings and exit from the Important System Settings window.
Close Helps you exit without saving the settings, from the Important System Settings window.

The buttons on the Hijack Restore screen are as follows.

Buttons Description
Restore Now Helps you initiate restoring the settings that you selected.
Undo Helps you undo your settings done on the current screen. If you click the Undo button, it opens a window Undo Operations. The settings which have been restored to default settings will be listed. Select your settings or Check All to select all the settings. Click OK to revert to the existing settings.
Close Helps you exit from the Hijack Restore window without saving your settings.
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