Downloading and installing Quick Heal Internet Security

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To download and install Quick Heal Internet Security, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the following link

    Alternatively, if you have the Quick Heal antivirus CD/DVD, enter the CD/DVD in the DVD drive. Double-click the setup. Click Install to initiate the installation process.

    You are redirected to the website of Quick Heal where all antivirus products are listed.
    downloading quick heal
    On the download page, there are two options.

  • Enter Product Key: If you have the product key of any of the Quick Heal antivirus products, enter the product key and then click Submit. On the product page, click Download. The setup downloader will be downloaded.
  • Product List: If you do not have a product key of any of the Quick Heal antivirus products, click the Product List option, select a product and then click Download. The setup downloader of the selected product will be downloaded.
  1. Double-click the downloaded setup to start the downloading.

    The license agreement and privacy policy page appears. Accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy to proceed.

  2. Click the Let’s Start button.

    Downloading and installation of the software starts.

    Installation Location and disk space requirement screen appears.

    Make sure that disk space required for installation is available on the default location. If required, you can change the location by clicking the Browse button.

  3. When the installation completes, the Registration Information page appears with the options Register Now and Register Later.

    It is advisable that you must register your product soon after you install it. To register, click Register Now.

    If you want to register the product later, click Register Later. To register the product later, see Registering Quick Heal Internet Security.

  4. Enter the Product Key and Dealer Code. All asterisk fields are mandatory to fill. Click Register Now.
  5. On the next screen, enter your Name, Email Address, Contact Number, Country, State, and City. Click Continue.

    A summary of the information that you entered appears. Click Register.

    Quick Heal Internet Security is downloaded, installed, and registered on your computer successfully.

  6. To close the screen, click Finish.
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