Uninstalling Quick Heal Internet Security

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Removing Quick Heal Internet Security may expose your system to virus threats. However, you can uninstall Quick Heal Internet Security in the following way:

  1. Select Start > Programs > Quick Heal Internet Security > Uninstall Quick Heal Internet Security.
    • Remove Quick Heal and keep update definitions files – If you select this option, Quick Heal will save license information, all downloaded update definitions, reports, quarantined files, anti-spam whitelist/blacklist in a repository on your computer, so that these can be used during reinstallation.
    • Remove Quick Heal completely – If you select this option, Quick Heal will be completely removed from your computer.
    • Select one of the options and click Next to continue with the uninstallation.
      If you have password-protected Quick Heal antivirus, an authentication screen appears.

  2. Enter your password and click OK.
  3. The uninstallation process is initiated.
    When uninstallation is complete, a message appears.
    You may provide feedback and reasons for uninstalling Quick Heal antivirus by clicking Write to us the reason of un-installing Quick Heal Internet Security. Your feedback is valuable to us and it helps us improve the product quality.

Note: Note down the product key for future reference. You can save your product key information by clicking Save to file. Restart of your computer is recommended after Quick Heal Internet Security uninstallation. To restart click Restart Now, or click Restart Later to continue working on the system and restart after some time.

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