Upgrade to Premium

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Using this option, you can upgrade your license easily.

To upgrade the license, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Total Security.
  2. Tap the Setting menu and tap the Upgrade to Premium button.
  • Upgrade to Premium: Includes SafePe, Parental Control, Advanced Anti-Theft, Intruder, Web Security, Schedule Scan, Background Scan, Secure Delete, Pocket Alarm, Motion Alarm, Fake App detection, Anti-KeyLogger detection.
  • Add-on Features: Includes Parental Control and SafePe as adds-on features.
  1. Tap All Features or Add-on Features as per your preference.

    • Buy Premium: Helps you to buy the all features or add-on features as per your preference and make the required payment.
    • Have a Product Key: Helps you to upgrade the license from Quick Heal Mobile Security to Quick Heal Total Security using the Product Key that you have purchased. With this option, you can have all the features but cannot buy add-on features.
    • Don’t have a Product Key, Purchase now: If you select this option, you are redirected to the website of Quick Heal where you can buy your license key.
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