Call Blocker

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The Call Blocker option helps you to block unwanted calls. With this option, you can easily block unwanted calls from both local and all unknown international numbers. This option can block all commercial calls and also block a number of particular series.

Note: This feature is supported on Android 8 and earlier versions.

Configuring Call Blocker

To configure Call Blocker, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. On Dashboard, tap Call Blocker > Yes.
  3. The Call Blocker option is enabled. Different options to block the calls is displayed.

Blocking unwanted calls

To block unwanted calls, you can use following options and steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. On Dashboard tap Call Blocker. Different options are displayed:
    • Block Number: Use this option to enter the number and block it.
    • Type the number and tap Add to Blocked Numbers List.

    • Contact List: Use this option to block number from contact list.
    • You can add a contact from the Contact list and tap Add to Blocked List.

    • Custom: Use this option to block the calls from custom series (Ex: 4000000000).
      You can also specify whether a contact should begin or end with such series.
    • In the text field, enter 3-20 characters and select the Starting with or Ending with option.

      Note: This feature will not block numbers configured in anti-theft.

    • Blocked List: Displays the numbers that were blocked with the help of Call Blocker option.
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