Privacy Advisor

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The Privacy Advisor option allows you to detect the applications that collect your personal information such as user credentials, contacts, and passwords. You can also get the notifications about those applications that send SMS, call premium numbers, or access the Internet without your knowledge. You can either uninstall or add the apps to the trusted list.

You can monitor applications with various permissions such as Access to Accounts, Access to Contacts, Read Identity Info, Tracking Location, Access to Messages, and Access to Network.

Configuring Privacy Advisor

To configure Privacy Advisor, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. Select Privacy Advisor to enable this feature.
    The applications are displayed with the permissions that are assigned.

Viewing app permission

To view the permissions that an app is assigned, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. On Dashboard, tap Privacy Advisor.
  3. Tap the application.

    • If you find that an app uses any crucial information, you can uninstall that app by tapping Uninstall.
    • If you find the app trustworthy, then you can trust the app by tapping Trust and in confirmation screen tap Yes. This app will be added to the Trusted Apps List.
      Various permissions that an app may use are as follows.
Permissions Description
Access to Accounts Apps with this permission may request authentication credentials of the account. Such apps may add or remove accounts and delete your passwords.
Access to Contacts Apps with this permission can read, write, and share your personal contacts with their servers by compromising your data.
Read Identity Info The apps with this permission can share phone state including IMEI number, phone number, and serial number of the phone to their server without your consent.
Tracking Locations Apps with this permission can update your device location to their servers, which may be harmful.
Access to Messages Apps with this permission are allowed to read, write, or send SMS from the device. Malicious apps may read your confidential messages or delete them before you receive.
Access to Network Apps with this permission allow network usage in the background.
Other Permission Apps that have permissions other than those mentioned above are available under this category.

Privacy Audit Notification

When you install or update any high-risk app on your device, a notification for Privacy Audit is displayed on the notification area. However, the Privacy Audit notification is displayed as soon as you install the apps.

You can check the apps and the permissions they are using. If you find that an app that violates your privacy or if you find your personal information is at risk, you can remove that app immediately.

Viewing Trusted Apps

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. On Dashboard, tap Privacy Advisor.
  3. Tap settings icon on upper-right corner.
    A list of trusted apps is displayed, if any app is marked as trusted.
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