Security Advisor

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Security Advisor notifies about insecure settings and lets you check the possible vulnerabilities present on the device. You can enhance the security settings to stop such attempts to exploit vulnerabilities.

Configuring Security Advisor

To configure Security Advisor, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal Mobile Security.
  2. Select Security Advisor to enable this feature.
  3. On the Security Advisor screen, the security settings are displayed under the following categories:

    • Unsecure Settings: This option lists unsecure settings.
    • Secure Settings: This option lists secure settings.

The security settings that are listed under Unsecure Settings include a setting icon next to them. You can increase the security level by using the setting icon. When you tap the Setting icon, you are redirected to the respective security features where you can configure them.

Security settings are as follows:

Security Settings Description
Accounts & Sync The device receives data from synced accounts or sites that increases the risk of hacking and account misuse. It is advisable to turn this option to OFF when not required.
Bluetooth Data transfer through Bluetooth might put your device and its data at risk. It is advisable to turn this option to off when not required.
Device Memory Encryption You can encrypt the data on your device. This ensures security by preventing unauthorized access to your data. It is advisable to turn this option to ON to secure your data from unauthorized access.
Note: The Device Memory Encryption setting is available only on supported OS.
Hotspot & Tethering Data shared through Wi-Fi Hotspot, USB and Bluetooth Tethering is at risk to be hacked. To prevent data hacking, turn this option to OFF when not required.
Note: The Hotspot and Tethering settings are available only on supported OS and vendors.
Anti-Theft Protects your device and its data. This option allows you to trace, block, wipe data, and ring the device if your device is lost.
Background Scan Shields your device against various types of threats. Keep this option enabled for security.
Screen Lock If this option is disabled, your personal data may be at risk of misuse. Ensure that Pattern, PIN, Password or Finger Print screen lock options are set to safeguard the device data.
USB Debugging If USB debugging is enabled, your device is at risk of being hacked and your data can be misused. Turn this option to OFF for security.
Wi-Fi Security Communicating through an open or unsecured Wi-Fi network can put your data at risk. It is advisable to connect Wi-Fi only on a secure network. Turn this option to OFF for security.
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