Automatic Update

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This feature helps you take the updates of the latest virus signatures automatically. It is advisable that you keep your Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro up-to-date for protection against new and unknown malwares and viruses.
To take the updates regularly, ensure the following conditions.

  1. You must always keep the Automatic Update turned on.
  2. You must set an update mode to take the updates.

Configuring Automatic Update

To configure Automatic Update, follow these steps:

  1. Open Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro.
  2. On the left pane, click Settings and then click Automatic Update. Turn Automatic Update on.
    By default, Automatic Update is turned on.
  3. To configure about how to take the updates, click the setting icon of Automatic Update.
  4. Select Show update notification window, if you want to get notified about the update of Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro. By default, this option is turned on.
  5. Select the update mode from the following options:
    • Download from Internet – Helps you download the updates to your computer from the Internet.
    • Pick update files from specified path –Helps you pick the updates from a local folder or a network folder.
  6. Select other options.
    • Copy update files to specified location – Helps you save a copy of the updates on a local drive of your computer.
    • Check for the latest version of Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro:
      • Notify me when upgrade is available: Select this option if you want to be notified when there is a new upgrade available.
      • Automatically download the upgrade: Select this option if you want a new upgrade when available get downloaded automatically on your system. Then you need to install it to upgrade your current version.
  7. To save your settings, click Save Changes.

Selecting Update Mode

Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro provides multiple update modes that you can select according to your convenience.

Pick update files from specified path

Picking the updates is helpful in two ways.

  1. Single computer: If your computer where Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is installed is not connected to the Internet.
  2. Multiple computers: You can download the updates on a single computer to save the Internet bandwidth and pick up the updates for all computers in the network.

To pick the updates automatically, ensure the following things.

  1. Select Pick update files from specified.
  2. Browse a path to the drive on your computer or any other computer in the network.
  3. To save your setting, click Save Changes.

Copy update files to specified location

Whenever Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro is updated with new virus database signatures, one version of the update is saved at the location that you specify here. This is helpful in case there is any technical issue or the antivirus crashes because of new update. You can roll back to the previous version easily.

To save the update at this location, you must keep this option selected.

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