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A. General

You can configure the following options:

  • Reset Pin: You can reset your device PIN. Enter current PIN, new PIN, and confirm new PIN to change the PIN to access the device.
  • Application Notifications: You can enable this button to allow Quick Heal app and ongoing notifications to be displayed.
  • Application Statistics: You can enable this button to allow app to send app usage statistics to Quick Heal servers. This information helps Quick Heal improve the product and make it work better for you.
  • Block Uninstallation: You can enable this feature to block any attempts by unauthorized users to uninstall the Quick Heal Mobile Security application from the device.

B. Feature Settings

You can configure the following features on your device:
a. Deep Scan

A deep scan checks all areas of your device, including all files, pictures, videos, and apps, to detect any virus or threat.

Here you can schedule the scans at required intervals to run it automatically and protect your device from any threats.

    i. Schedule a Scan
    Under Schedule a scan, the following scheduling options are displayed:

    • Scan while charging
    • Once a day
    • Once a week
    • Once a month
    • Tap the Edit Pencil icon to set the time on the displayed clock for the day, week, and month options as required.

    ii. Delete Quarantined Files

    Quarantined files are suspected malicious files that are encrypted and moved to a secure folder where they cannot be executed and cannot infect other files.
    Here kindly select a duration after which these files are automatically deleted to save on your system space.

    • After 7 days
    • After 30 days
    • After 45 days

b. App Lock

You can configure this option to set up a PIN or a Pattern lock to prevent unauthorized access to a particular app on your device such as Whatsapp, YouTube etc.

    i. Unlock Using

    • PIN: If you have setup a PIN for your device, you will see a Change PIN option to change the PIN to access the device.

      For more information, see Changing PIN

    • Pattern: You can select a specific pattern to be swiped on your keypad to access the device. Tap Change Pattern to set a pattern to use the device.

      For more information, see Changing Pattern

    ii. Scramble Keyboard

    Select this option to randomly change the position of keys on keypad while entering the PIN so that overlookers cannot memorize the PIN by looking at the position.

    iii. Show Prompt
    Select this option to show App lock option for newly installed app automatically.

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