Registration, Re-activation, Renewal

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Quick Heal Total Security needs to be registered upon installation. It is strongly recommended that you register the copy immediately after installation to receive database updates regularly and get technical support. If the product is not regularly updated, it cannot protect your machine against new threats.

Registering Online

  1. Go to Application > Quick Heal Total Security.
  2. On the Quick Heal Total Security Dashboard, click Register Now . Alternatively, you can go to Menu > Help > Activation .
  3. On the Registration Wizard, enter the 20-digit Product Key and click Continue .

    The Registration Information appears.

  4. Enter relevant information in the Purchased From and Register for, Dealer Code (optional) and Bag Engineer Code (optional) text boxes and then click Continue.
  5. Provide relevant information in the Name, Email Address, Contact Number text boxes. Select your choices in the Country, State and City lists.

    In case your State/Province and City are not available in the list, you can type your locations in the respective boxes, and then click Continue.

    A confirmation screen appears with the details entered in the preceding step. If any modifications are needed click Go Back to go to the previous screen and modify wherever required, and then click Continue.

    Your product is activated successfully. The expiry date of your license is displayed.

  6. To close the Registration Wizard, click Finish .


Re-activation is a facility that ensures that you use the product for the full period till your license expires. Re-activation is very helpful in case you format your machine when all software products are removed, or you want to install Quick Heal Total Security on another machine. In such cases, you need to re-install and re-activate Quick Heal Total Security on your machine.

The re-activation process is similar to the activation process, with the exception that you need not enter the complete personal details again. Upon submitting the Product Key, the details are displayed. You can just verify the details and complete the process.


You can renew your product license as soon as it expires by purchasing a renewal code. However you are recommended to renew your product before your license expires so that your machine is protected without any interruption. You can get the renewal code from Quick Heal, or from the nearest distributor or reseller.

Renewing Online

To renew your machine online, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Quick Heal Total Security > Menu > Quick Heal Total Security > About Quick Heal Total Security.
  2. On the About Quick Heal Total Security screen, click Renew Now .

    If your license is about to expire soon or has already expired then the Renew Now button is displayed on Dashboard itself. Click Renew Now to go to the activation page.

  3. Select I want to renew with renewal code. I already have renewal code with me and then click Next.
  4. On the Registration Information screen, enter relevant information in the Purchased From, Email Address and Contact Number, Dealer Code (optional) and Bag Engineer Code (optional) text boxes, and then click Continue .

    The license information such as Current expiry date and New expiry date is displayed for your confirmation.

  5. Click Next.

    Registration, Re-activation, Renewal

    The license of Quick Heal Total Security is renewed successfully.

  6. To complete the renewal process, click Finish.

! In case you do not have the renewal code, select I do not have renewal code with me. I want to purchase renewal code online and then click Buy Now.

In case you renewed your license but its expiry date has not extended, select I have already renewed my license. Please update my license from server and then click Next.

If you have purchased an additional renewal code, then the renewal can be performed only after 10 days of the current renewal.

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